Do you like games?
You dare to call yourself a gamer, huh? Developer? Need to test your creation?
We see what you see, check it out…

Do you probably know a little bit about playtesting, right? Guess what, our team can perform these tests with the same precision that Mario needs to save the princess, there’s no labyrinth and complications like in Zelda, you don’t need to worry, we can do it for you.
We know that we live in a grown people world and there’s competition (a classic battle like in Street Fighter), new technologies, and we carry an important amount of data, applications, games in our smartphones, imagining that companies will need to test their portable creations, we did our work, we innovate and present you: SVMobLab!
SVMobLab is our device farm, a system with a great variety of devices that can ensure greater coverage of versions of the Android and IOS operating systems.
Do you want to use it at night? No problem.
You can’t sleep and you up early in the morning? No problem, you can use our system at any time of the day.
Now imagine, you need to do a business trip, too far, far away from your office but needs to keep up with your job on our farm, we present to you our differential… It can be remotely accessed and also be seen by a camera (put the victory theme song… you can work from the Bahamas, we won’t tell anybody)

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SVMobLab can give you the liberty that you need.